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This area contains premium content for various aspects of police management. The material is easily accessible and is intended for those who must undertake police planning exercises, budgeting, resource allocation or workload assessments.


This model solves two recurring public safety issues: workload analysis and budgeting. This is known as an activity-base budget (ABB). For example, a police patrol division typically consumes the greatest portion of the police budget. But general police patrol is not granular enough to  exercise fiscal and management control over those resources. Understanding how patrol officers spend their time and the results they produce is critical to figuring out how to better use police resources. This model establishes a common method for disaggregating police work into discrete modalities for a more accurate budget based on real-world data. This model is also consistent with CALEA standard 16.1.2 for conducting annual workload assessments and overcomes some of the budgeting issues identified by the  ICMA (International City/County Management Association) (read here).

Benefits and Description  

  1. Ideal for a police executives (chief, commissioner, sheriff, superintendent, directors, command staff members), mayors, county executives, business administrators, legislative bodies and those responsible for workload analysis, organizational planning, resource allocation and budgeting.

  2. Developed in MS Excel. No proprietary software needed. Basic knowledge of MS Excel is helpful.

  3. Customizable and expandable. Add or delete worksheets to fit your organization.

  4. Complete with workload  and budget models for patrol, communications, traffic, investigations and prisoner processing. Also includes an example of fixed-position relief factoring and Pareto Analysis models for planning purposes. 

  5. Complete with preformatted calculations.

  6. User guide is embedded in the Excel workbook.

  7. Suitable for any size law enforcement organization or correctional facility.

  8. Dynamic updates. Watch the budget immediately recalculate based on your agency's vision and estimates.

  9. Share with all other organizational elements to produce an enterprise-wide budget model.

  10. Justify your operations with actual workload and fiscal data.

  11. Incorporate as part of your organization's business plan or strategic plan to document workload and costs.

  12. Perpetual single-user license. One-time purchase.

  13. Easy to download and PC compatible.

  14. This is a self-directed exercise. Additional support and customization available.

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