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Dr. Shane primarily conducts applied research (compared to basic research, which is motivated by a desire to expand knowledge and involves acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge). Applied research is designed to answer specific questions aimed at solving practical problems. Applied research is a type of research design intended to solve a specific problem or provide innovative solutions to issues affecting individuals, groups, or society. New knowledge that is acquired from applied research has specific practical objectives such as implementing, modifying, or rescinding a policy, program, strategy, service, or training initiative with a social utilitarian purpose.  Applied research is often referred to as a scientific method of inquiry because it involves the practical application of scientific methods to everyday problems.  


When conducting applied research, Dr. Shane takes meticulous care to identify the problem, develop a research hypothesis, and test the hypothesis via an experiment whenever possible.  When an experiment is not possible, Dr. Shane uses other methodologies that are suitable for the context and which minimize bias.  Although Dr. Shane is a quantitative researcher, which means he uses empirical observation and data to make evaluations, he is well versed in all research methodologies including qualitative methods such as focus groups, interviews, and unstructured surveys.  You can search for Dr. Shane's research on Google Scholar (many papers are available and downloadable) and ResearchGate, where he posts some of his content (subject to copyright restrictions).  Most of Dr. Shane's publications are listed on his CV and may be found on Google Scholar, or the Internet.

Dr. Shane is a member of the American Society of Criminology and the ASC Division of Policing, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Police Executive Research Forum, and International Association of Chiefs of Police.  Dr. Shane is also affiliated with the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing at Arizona State University, the National Police Foundation, the National Institute of Justice Sentinel Events Initiative for wrongful convictions, and a former advisor to the New York State Task Force on Police-on-Police Shootings.

If you are interested in conducting research with Dr.Shane, then please send an email to review and discuss your project.

All copyright restrictions apply to any paper that is downloaded.  All legal copyright and distribution restrictions apply, and you may not distribute copies or use the publications unless permitted to do so by copyright rules and laws in your own country, treating the download as an offprint.

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